14 August 2011

Welcome - an Introduction

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. Having written since high school, this is in no way inclusive however, it does give a good representation of my work. Some work - especially the recent work - is designed for a specific client with specific guidelines. Some work is my own creative flow.

My B.A. is actually in Mass Communication (Journalism) through Lock Haven State University in serene Lock Haven, PA. I actually began my college career as a special/elementary education major but quickly learned it was not for me after my "special buddy" passed away in my second semester. I knew then there was no way I could teach or work in the special ed field. After a couple semesters of floating and killing off all my gen ed requirements, I decided upon journalism. I love to write - always have. It feeds my soul. I have one friend from college who - even today - will remind me that I am only truly happy when I am writing. Personally I think he is trying to say that those around me are only happy when I am writing!

One reason I chose journalism was - to be quite honest - my lack of direction. I wanted to do everything! I wanted to know everything! Journalism afforded me that opportunity. I was one of the first females to cover wrestling (when it was still a guy's sport - don't get me started there) for the Coatesville Record (now defunct). I got my first taste of government meetings - and actually enjoyed them - through my correspondent work with the Village Record (also defunct). During college, I worked in the Office of Alumni Affairs and Public Relations where I wrote press releases on every subject about the various students and even some alumni. While at college I also held almost every position at the college paper - the Eagle Eye. After college, I wrote for the Lancaster Newspapers for awhile. One of my first pieces was a piece on the Rails to Trails. I met my husband through that piece.

Over time and many life changes, I eventually went out on my own for awhile. I started Online Community News. Under that umbrella, I had two online newspapers - SolancoNews.com and PA Farm News - which I had a great time doing. My problem was that I was everything and it wore me out. I hate sales and could not find anyone who was interested and - at the time - selling the idea of an online newspaper was difficult. Today the idea would probably soar. Through the PA Farm News, I covered subjects farm related and going green. I covered wind turbines to grass covers to conservation. Being so close to Penn State, I was fortunate to be able to attend Ag Progress Days. Through SolancoNews.com I covered the normal range of articles one would expect to see in any daily newspaper. Chamber meetings, local business start ups and expansions, local sports, police reports and general news were common. Uncommon was the Shane Tavella shooting, Baby Allison, and of course the Nickle Mines Shooting. I was the first reporter on scene that day. That day changed alot of people and their perceptions. It affected so many people. One Amishman said quitely that it was their 9/11 and maybe he was right.

While I closed down shop and sold off my online newspapers a few years back, I find myself free - and ready - to write. If you need help with your writing projects, please feel free to call or email me for advice and/or a quote. I am also available for research and genealogical searches.
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