02 October 2012

Reflections ...

Today was a day that changed a lot of us six years ago. For me one ... revelation ... was that as media we have such influence over how people think and feel and what people are concerned with in their own lives. The morning of the shooting ... I was admitedly on auto pilot but in the days to follow ... I realized that I was not always proud to be "the media" (like those in this photo I took Wednesday morning).
That day - those days - taught me a lot about myself. I still - as we all do - strive to be a better person. My articles were always factual not sensational and I always tried to remember my audiance. I pray that I served them well. Some days I miss having SolancoNews.com. Other days, I am glad I'm out of the rat race.

Today I appreciate the freedom and diversity that freelancing allows me. I write what I want when I want. I focus primarily on writing diabetic related articles on Examiner.com even though I still write for others on occassion.