12 July 2014

Red Mist (Kay Scarpetta, #19)Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When I saw another Scarpetta novel, I was excited. Finally! Unfortunately Patricia Cornwell did her main character or the series no justice. By going back to her early novels style of using a first person tone, the book reads more like a monologue. It is dry and moves slow. I was tempted many times to just set the book down and walk away but then in chapter 25 the action finally picked up as Cornwell killed off one of her recurring characters. As always a twist at the end when the killer was revealed. However even that was a let down. Without giving anything away, it just seemed like Cornwell created a new character in those last two chapters solely to pin the murder on them. All in all, a disappointing read.

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