09 September 2014

Under the DomeUnder the Dome by Stephen King
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I tried. God knows, I tried. Maybe if I would have read the book before watching the hit TV show of the same name. Maybe then I would not have had a preconceived idea and expectation of the characters. I made it to only to 298 before I decided I had to throw in the towel. Part was the above reason - that was actually the main reason. Part though was some of the scenes made me uncomfortable - enough so, I am hesitant to allow my teens to read the book. Scenes filled with foul language and socially unacceptable (the rape scene) and the drug scenes really served no purpose. There were other ways to show that Junior and his band of idiots were scum.

That all said, I did give it three stars because if you could take out those items which turned me off, then the book tells a great story. No matter whether you read it from a science fiction point of view (a bubble suddenly appears around the town) or from a prepper point of view (would your town survive if suddenly cut off from the outside world?) or from a psychological point of view (the human psyche when fear and stress take over), it could be a great story. I just cannot get past the depraved and vulgar-ness of some of the scenes. I also cannot stop seeing the characters as I have already come to know them (on the TV show).

I do intend to go back to the book at some point but I think it may well be awhile. All in all, disappointing.

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