30 May 2015

Keeping clean

My Fitbit would not charge the last few days. The battery shows I was only at medium so I was not too frightfully worried but all the same today is my day off work so fixing it was on my very long to do list!

It had been working fine and still tracked my steps with no issue but when I plugged it in to my USB cable, nothing happened. I changed USB ports and still nothing. Everyone on Fitbit's Facebook page raves about their customer service and how if you loose or break yours that the company will send out a replacement. That is great to know but, being married to a techie for the past 20+ years, I just knew their would be a fix. And there was ... my toothbrush!

Reading through the Help section on chargers not working, one of the articles mentioned cleaning. I wiped down my charger and still nothing so I read a bit more. The contact part itself needed cleaned and Fitbit suggested using my toothbrush or a toothpick to clean it. I opted for the toothbrush (time for a new one anyway!).

My charger was cruddy. It never dawned on me that working outside in a nursery all day, I do tend to sweat and get dirty. Everything does!

Hopefully this fix will work. I have it charging right now and at least it shows that it is charging. Before it did not even read that much! So my advice ... remember to clean your Fitbit!

29 May 2015

Review: Indigo Dying

Indigo Dying (China Bayles, #11)Indigo Dying by Susan Wittig Albert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great read. New characters were nice. Love the way Susan Wittig Albert weaves in information on herbs - in this case indigo - and dying of colors. Nice twist concerning the murderer. Fast little read. Seemed as soon as I started, it was over already.

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24 May 2015

Review: Bloodroot

Bloodroot (China Bayles, #10)Bloodroot by Susan Wittig Albert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved this one! Susan Wittig Albert has done it again. Ex lawyer now herb shop owner China Bayles returns to her family home only to discover an incredible family history. Being a genealogist myself, I have to admit I was hooked. A great little who done it mixed in with some old family secrets/mysteries coming to light.

I am reading the series in order and the change of scenery was a welcome change. In addition, Mississippi and Texas are different growing zones, so new herbs were introduced as well.

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22 May 2015

Review: Mistletoe Man

Mistletoe Man (China Bayles, #9)Mistletoe Man by Susan Wittig Albert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finally - a surprise! I've been following China Bayles (ex lawyer now herb shop owner and modern Jessica Fletcher)and her friends now for some time and this time Susan Witting Albert finally surprised me! Well done.

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16 May 2015

Review: Lavender Lies

Lavender Lies (China Bayles, #8)Lavender Lies by Susan Wittig Albert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Much better than Chile Death! Amidst plans for China and McQuaid's marriage, they solve two murders and uncover several other secrets in the small town of Pecan Springs. I have followed China Bayles and her friends from the beginning novel (Thyme of Death) and this one was the first I which I was truly surprised by the ending!

Susan Wittig Albert does a great job making this fictional town come to life and seem real. I've already got my copy of Mistletoe Man and can not wait to see what China and her friends uncover in this one.

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13 May 2015

Review: Chile Death

Chile Death (China Bayles, #7)Chile Death by Susan Wittig Albert
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Love this little series about China Bayles - an former lawyer turned herb shop owner - but this one read differently than the ones prior. It seemed slow to get moving on the mystery so much so that it seemed only to be about China and McQuaid's relationship for the first 100 or so pages. Finally a murder occurred then ... but even so, it did not seem to be the focus of the book. It was almost like an afterthought. That said, I do enjoy Susan Wittig Albert's writing and already have the next book in the series ready to read!

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05 May 2015

Review: Love Lies Bleeding

Love Lies Bleeding (China Bayles, #6)Love Lies Bleeding by Susan Wittig Albert
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I love the China Bayles series ... normally. This one just did not grab me. The affair between McQuaid and Margaret was disappointing. A real let down on behalf of McQuaid. The dirty Ranger was just way too obvious. I like how the characters - for the most part - stay true to themselves, the obvious exception being McQuaid, through the series. Dorothy's past life was a bit of a surprise for a brief moment but even that really was not a grabber. I do like the way the town and surrounding areas are given life, as if a character in and of themselves.

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