30 May 2015

Keeping clean

My Fitbit would not charge the last few days. The battery shows I was only at medium so I was not too frightfully worried but all the same today is my day off work so fixing it was on my very long to do list!

It had been working fine and still tracked my steps with no issue but when I plugged it in to my USB cable, nothing happened. I changed USB ports and still nothing. Everyone on Fitbit's Facebook page raves about their customer service and how if you loose or break yours that the company will send out a replacement. That is great to know but, being married to a techie for the past 20+ years, I just knew their would be a fix. And there was ... my toothbrush!

Reading through the Help section on chargers not working, one of the articles mentioned cleaning. I wiped down my charger and still nothing so I read a bit more. The contact part itself needed cleaned and Fitbit suggested using my toothbrush or a toothpick to clean it. I opted for the toothbrush (time for a new one anyway!).

My charger was cruddy. It never dawned on me that working outside in a nursery all day, I do tend to sweat and get dirty. Everything does!

Hopefully this fix will work. I have it charging right now and at least it shows that it is charging. Before it did not even read that much! So my advice ... remember to clean your Fitbit!
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