30 June 2015

Goals met

Usually on days off from the nursery I do not come close to making my goal, which is a conservative 7K steps. Today I got up and walked around our complex - an easy almost 2k. I had some errands to do but really did not feel as though I walked around much. Then tonight before dinner I noticed I was close so I went and took another walk. That one put me at my daily steps and my daily stairs since there was a bit of an incline. In addition I managed to make my daily miles.

Came back in and hydrated and then rubbed a drop of Marjoram Oil on each calf muscle. No cramps whatsoever! Feelin' good.

29 June 2015

Muscle pain relief

I was searching YouTube today for some easy essential oils and natural healing techniques. I came across Andrea Butje's channel. She is with Aromahead Institute and is easy to understand and her recipes are simple - which is what I need being quite the beginner!

This particular one (below) is an easy mix for muscle pain relief.

From time to time I will add more that I find helpful.

Book Review: Picture Them Dead

Picture Them DeadPicture Them Dead by Brynn Bonner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I won this little mystery murder through Goodreads. It really was a great read. Sophreena and her friend/roommate Esme have a genealogy service that ties in well with the story. Esme's gift of empathy is beautifully described. It is truly a gift that often can help when researching families and/or crimes.

The characters were well developed. The plot was solid. Even though this was a series book, there was none of that annoying recounting of every other book in the series or otherwise forced transitions. It was a smooth read.

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22 June 2015

Family vacationing on a budget

Families can be stressful sometimes, especially on vacation. Things have never been financially easy for us in our 20+ years of marriage but this year I was determined that we were getting away. The twins are 16 already and soon they will be on their own, like our 22 year old who came home last week to announce she is getting married in the fall and moving to Italy for two years right afterwards. In any case, this vacation – and the point of this post – is vacationing on a shoestring.

Our vacation is a short one (yesterday through Tuesday) and it is relatively close (New Paltz, NY). We left Glenn nag-avate since it was Father’s Day (and this way he could not complain if we went off the beaten track). We took the scenic route up stopping here and there to check out various sites and vistas, including Tobyhanna Lake.

We stopped for lunch at Kerhonkson Diner in Kerhonkson. When we pulled up there was a crowd out front. I assume they were all locals, which of course is always a good sign. The diner staff was very friendly and courteous. The place inside was clean. The helpings were HUGE! The girls split one chicken Cesar salad and still took a leftover box with us. Glenn got a burger and fries – also huge. I chose a shrimp basket that was served on a bed of fries and literally took up the whole plate. All total, with a nice tip, the meal came to $48.

Once in New Paltz, we visited Historic Huguenot Street (on a genealogy/history related visit). It was Family Day so admission was free yesterday.  Afterwards we checked into the hotel before taking a drive through town.

I chose America’s Best Value Inn. The girls, since they are under 17, were free if they stayed in the same room as us. SO one room, two double beds. It is a very clean hotel with a cute little coffee/breakfast nook off the lobby. There is free Wi-Fi, though that doesn’t really matter since I could also have one of the girls Hotspot me through our AT&T phones. There is a very small (two machines and some free weights) fitness room but, sadly, no pool. I do miss swimming. Anyway, I was not really looking for amenities. We are only here from yesterday afternoon (Sunday) through Tuesday morning. The hotel staff, thus far, have been great – very friendly and seemingly conscientious. I would be happier if breakfast would start earlier. It begins at 6 and I am starving already (it’s 5:30 as I write this!). There is no real view from any direction although the hotel is easily accessible from the highway. It is also located right across the street from a Shop Rite, so last we bought some water bottles and some snacks and stuff. The entire stay for the hotel is just $168.
We unloaded the car and freshened up and then drove around a bit. It began to rain so we headed back to grab some dinner. The plan was to grab a quick pizza and head back to the hotel room to eat and relax. Glenn added a hoagie to the order after one of the girls offered to pay for dinner last night.

This morning I woke up to Glenn’s snoring and to find my eczema had really flared up so hopefully today I can find some relief for that since I forgot my lotion at home. Today is an open day, meaning I have nothing lined up yet – just a nice (hopefully) day together!
Expenses so far:
$  48 ... Lunch
$168 ... Hotel
$216 total spent

© Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2015

19 June 2015

Beginning my journey with essential oils

I recognize the importance of essential oils and really want to be more holistic in my Journey ... but I feel like such a noob! So I tuned to YouTube and found Oils with Miss Jess. In this particular one, she discusses the three oils she started with: lavender, lemon, and peppermint.

Peppermint is one of the ones I bought first too!

18 June 2015

Refocusing, restructuring and a re-introduction

Welcome! I am Jeanne and - as you can see - we are undergoing a major change here. I do not write on a freelance basis as much as I was and my interests have taken on a more simplified direction. I wanted something separate from my genealogy blog, which is quite active.

Join me in a Journey to a Better Us! We will cover subjects such as health and fitness (and my addiction to my new Fitbit), and gardening (love my fairy gardens!) and essential oils (I have just started to delve there) as well as a variety of other topics. As you read along please feel free to make (constructive) suggestions or even write a guest post!

In the next few weeks, I will be tidying up quite a bit so please excuse the dust!

02 June 2015

Review: A Dilly of a Death

A Dilly of a Death (China Bayles, #12)A Dilly of a Death by Susan Wittig Albert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another great little murder mystery by Susan Witting Albert. China finds herself in the middle of things again as small town Pecan Springs prepares for the annual Pickle Festival. Ruby's daughter Amy shows up with some unexpected surprises of her own. Sheila's unsolved murder and string of burglaries may get her canned. McQuaid's first client winds up pickled. Pickle Fest gets cancelled after the Pickle Queen shows up dead. Everything is related and China is right there in the middle again!

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