27 July 2015

Looking for snoring solution

 HELP! Hubby snores fierce. Has sleep apnea. Refuses mask. Tried a mix of Marjoram & Eucalyptus to no avail. Suggestions?

22 July 2015

Review: Guests of the Sheik An Ethnography of an Iraqi Village

Guests of the Sheik: An Ethnography of an Iraqi VillageGuests of the Sheik: An Ethnography of an Iraqi Village by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was not quite sure what to expect when I started reading this book but I loved it. Absolutely! Elizabeth Warnock Fernea recounts her visit with her newly wed husband, both Americans, immerse themselves into the daily lives of an Iraqi village. She offers a glimpse into the daily lives of the women there during her stay in 1957/1958.

Her husband, Bob, is working towards his Ph.D. in anthropology. They are visitors of the Sheik and as such they do have some allowances (like a refrigerator and a servant hand picked by the Sheik). However she describes their modest little mud hut and its lovely garden. She describes the difficulty at first of submitting to wearing an abaya. She describes too times when she was grateful for the anonymity it provided.

She recounts observing some parts of major religious festivities. I found myself thinking some of those prayer services and festivals really did not sound too different from those of my own.

Fernea shares stories of the women. Their marital problems, while different on many levels, are also similar to many of ours: health, financial, love. Family is a huge part of life there, as is social standings.

So many things were different and yet so many were similar enough to bring me in and make me feel close to these women too. I was sadden by the memory of a death within the tribe. I was excited when Seema was pregnant. I worried for Lalia when she and Fernea were out with a non relative male.

In all the book was written quite well.

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19 July 2015

Treating dry skin naturally with Coconut Oil

I was searching YouTube today for some natural help for dry skin. I came across Holistichealth's channel. She is easy to understand and gave so many relevant easy ways to use coconut oil.

 This particular video (below) is titled Coconut Oil Beauty Uses.

I am using it today for dry skin and eczema. So as I write this, I have coconut oil seeping into my scalp and on my forehead and cheeks.

The one I bought is Nature's Promise Organic Refined Coconut Oil. No special reason I went with this one except it was a brand name I recognized as being around for awhile and it was organic.

15 July 2015

Review: Go Set A Watchman

Go Set a Watchman (To Kill a Mockingbird, #2)Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have missed Scout. Despite being 26 now and living on her own in New York, Jean Louise Finch is still the same Scout. Maycomb County however is changing. And Scout, well she comes home to learn some hard facts of life.

Set in 1950s, Harper Lee had supposedly written this book before her famous “To Kill A Mockingbird,” which was set in the 1930s. In this book an adult Jean Louise Finch is living in New York, takes the train back home to Maycomb and spends time learning who her father is and who she herself is.

Jean Louise discovers a side of her father, Atticus, that she simply cannot grasp. She believes that Atticus, the man who we all loved when he defended an innocent black man and won, is actually a racist. She learns that sometimes life is not always – pardon the pun – black and white. She also learned that her father was human too, a tough lesson at any age for a child to learn.

There is no courtroom drama to pull together around in this novel. However, the timing of this novel’s release is spot on. This novel, which looks at racial differences and the birth of the NAACP and its affect on a controlling white community, is released amid heated nationwide discussions of our nation’s historical symbols like the Confederate flag and as racial tensions continue to swell.

The book itself reads differently that To Kill A Mockingbird, which Scout narrated. This book is written in more of a third person narrative. Some of the passages are very similar to the other.

Did I like the novel? I do not know. I think it has to sit with me for awhile. I am glad to know what happened to those charters we fell in love with in To Kill A Mockingbird. However, I was surprised at how political the book actually is.

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13 July 2015

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back Ebates is a great way to shop. I personally love it. If you are interested in earning money while you shop, simply click on the logo!

07 July 2015

Disappointing webinar today

I was so excited for Aromahead Intsitute's webinar this afternoon featuring Andrea Butje. Her YouTube videos are great. Very helpful. The webinar was to be "Aromatherapy for Natural Living: Reduce Allergies Naturally."

I got home from work early and hurried to log on and I waited. And when it was finally time to start, my screen changed and ... I got an error message and could not access the webinar.

The error message read "SELECT * FROM users WHERE webid='9ejmwqe6n' GROUP BY name ORDER BY userid DESC 2 real names failed Got error 28 from storage engine." I have no clue what that meant nor do I really care to be honest. I just know I rushed home, skipped lunch and ... nothing.

I tried a couple minutes later and now I get "Page cannot be displayed." Hopefully her PDFs will still be available as promised.

04 July 2015

Morning scents

Started my morning with a mix of lavender & peppermint. Interesting combo.  What is YOUR favorite way to start your day?

02 July 2015

Vick’s Vapor Rub

Vick’s Vapor Rub was and still is a God-send when the kids or I would get sick. This past spring I noticed some Vick’s plants (plectranthus tomentosa) for sale at the nursery so I thought I would try it. I forget the cost of the plant but it is a perennial so if I can do what I want then the cost would very much be worth it. Plants are growing nice – much better than the other herbs in there.  

I am just beginning to experiment with Essential Oils and natural remedies and I would like to try using my little plant to do so. Naturally I turned to the internet for guidance.  

Several sites mention that the smell is stronger when you crush the leaves. This seems kind of obvious. I personally noticed that when I rub a leaf between my fingers, my fingers then smell of that camphor and menthol aroma.  

Feeling congested? Boil some water. Add some crush leaves to hot water. Inhale the steam. For even better results, place a towel over your head. You will feel your airways open. After you are done, leave the bowl sit out and enjoy the aroma. 

My husband has been feeling a bit congested lately. I did this for him and, while he won’t admit it, he is coughing less and he sounds less congested. 

About Plectranthus tomentosa:
I bought my plants at the nursery at Stauffer’s of KisselHill in Lititz back in the spring so I do not recall the price. Lititz (PA) is in Zone 5 and as such all the plants are suitable for that planting zone.

Review: Zoo

ZooZoo by James Patterson

James Patterson has thrilled again with this sci-fi thriller! Biologist Jackson Oz has warned the world for years of changes in the animal kingdom. Almost overnight his worst fears are realized as the animals - wild and domesticated pets - turn on humans. With the help of ecologist-turned wife Chloe Tousignant helps Oz gain the attention of the scientific community. Events worsen as humans find themselves feeling like caged animals while the animals, all operating solely on primal instinct now, roam free. The scientists do finally come up with a cause for the behavioral changes and even a way to fix the issue ... but are humans ready to realize our own impact on the earth and the environment?

The book was a great read and I am so glad I finished it in time for the new CBS series based on the novel. It was a two day read. I simply could not put the book down!

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