07 July 2015

Disappointing webinar today

I was so excited for Aromahead Intsitute's webinar this afternoon featuring Andrea Butje. Her YouTube videos are great. Very helpful. The webinar was to be "Aromatherapy for Natural Living: Reduce Allergies Naturally."

I got home from work early and hurried to log on and I waited. And when it was finally time to start, my screen changed and ... I got an error message and could not access the webinar.

The error message read "SELECT * FROM users WHERE webid='9ejmwqe6n' GROUP BY name ORDER BY userid DESC 2 real names failed Got error 28 from storage engine." I have no clue what that meant nor do I really care to be honest. I just know I rushed home, skipped lunch and ... nothing.

I tried a couple minutes later and now I get "Page cannot be displayed." Hopefully her PDFs will still be available as promised.
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