02 July 2015

Review: Zoo

ZooZoo by James Patterson

James Patterson has thrilled again with this sci-fi thriller! Biologist Jackson Oz has warned the world for years of changes in the animal kingdom. Almost overnight his worst fears are realized as the animals - wild and domesticated pets - turn on humans. With the help of ecologist-turned wife Chloe Tousignant helps Oz gain the attention of the scientific community. Events worsen as humans find themselves feeling like caged animals while the animals, all operating solely on primal instinct now, roam free. The scientists do finally come up with a cause for the behavioral changes and even a way to fix the issue ... but are humans ready to realize our own impact on the earth and the environment?

The book was a great read and I am so glad I finished it in time for the new CBS series based on the novel. It was a two day read. I simply could not put the book down!

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