10 August 2015

Fitbit challenges push me onward

This is my trophy for getting first place in the Weekend Warrior challenge this past weekend! Saturday I felt like all I did was walk. I got in over 20k steps though and it paid off obviously. Although now, I'm looking at what's around the next bend and I swear I can hear my thighs screaming at me but that's okay because the goal is to get rid of them and the belly! Love my #Fitbit

On top of that, I have joined a Facebook challenge group for Fitbit users as well. The first week I was placed in the Standby team - meaning spaces were full and I had to wait for someone to be eliminated. Think Biggest Loser here by the way. Today, I was moved to a team!

For now however I have to focus on a Daily Showdown competition. I was leading earlier today (great day at the nursery) but now I see I am 4k behind the new leader. Sigh. Guess that means I have to put my sneakers back on and see if I can close the gap!

© Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2015
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