22 August 2015

Increased step goal leads to tough week

This week was a tough week for me. I had been not only reaching my 7k step goal consistently but I had been averaging 8k to 9 k so I upped it last weekend to 10k. Then my lower back and my left butt cheek area really started to hurt. Monday, I was so glad I was off from the nursery because I could barely get out of bed. As the week progressed, I realized once I did actually get up and move around then it did not hurt as bad, tho I still felt it.

I went to my chiropractor yesterday (LOVE those visits) and he said it could be a combination of things. One thing may well have been the sudden increase in steps. I suppose 3k is a big increase so that makes sense. I was pushing too hard too fast in other words.

I decided to keep my goal at 10k a day although I understand that some days I might simply not make it. The goal is to continue until I do make it consistently and then SLOWLY continue to increase my daily goals.

One other thing I noticed is the caloric burn while exercising. Since I still want to loose 89 pounds (that may change after my doctor visit Monday), caloric burn is important to me.

I noticed that my walk (which I went on with one of my girls) burned 238 calories. The walk took about a half hour at a casual talk as we walk pace. Earlier in the day I tended my flower garden and my fairy garden at home. It only took about 15 minutes since I do so nearly every day. Those 15 minutes burned 101 calories.

That just seems off to me. By those figures, I burned almost twice as many calories gardening as I did walking. Am I choosing the wrong exercises? The wrong movements? Is my goal focus off?

Over the course of the day yesterday, I did burn 2,923 calories all total, according to Fitbit, and I registered 64 active minutes. Much of that burn was most likely from work. I noticed, understandably so, that on days when I work at the nursery (plants not babies) that I am more active and burn more calories throughout the day.

That all said ... Should I change my focus not to the number of steps I take but rather to my caloric burn?
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