05 August 2015

Morning walk

I walked a similar route today as Monday although I did change it a tad. I added an extra block but in doing so I did not go up the little incline on Roseville Road that I did on Monday. The results were almost identical.

Like Monday, the walk was just over one mile. It took me about two minutes longer today. The only difference in my pace was at the beginning. My girls walked the first little bit with me because they wanted to check out something at the basketball courts nearby. My pace was 21’52”, a little slower than Monday.

I did notice that about a quarter mile into my walk, my shins started to feel the walk. By three quarters of a mile, they were fine. Hence, I am assuming that is fine. 

Unfortunately, I did not feel I could go any further than that one lap around. However I have noticed too that if I am working at the nursery (plants not babies!), I can easily meet my 7k goal and often surpass it without hurting. My goal therefore is to build up my morning walk over time.  

I also need to find some music to listen to while I walk. I think that may help as well. I am open to suggestions for music to walk to! Please leave your suggestions in the comments field below.

© Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2015
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