03 August 2015

Morning workout creates some questions

I didn't do so well yesterday as far as reaching my goals so this morning I decided to get out early and take a walk around our complex. I also wanted to map it and see exactly how many steps/miles it really was around once. The workout however left me with some questions.

First, I knew it would not be 7K steps - my daily goal at the moment - around. I realized it would be well shy and that I will still need to move around a bit today. I walked the perimeter of the complex plus I added a little on the top side there because I knew it was enough of an incline to count as a stair but not enough to kill me.

It turns out that a walk around was just over one mile. It took me almost 24 minutes walking a constant walk. I could have walked faster but that really wasn't the point this morning. I wanted to map it out (since I finally figured out how to do that using my Fitbit app) and see what my "normal" walk would be like.

The Fitbit app told me my walking pace was 21'0". What does this mean? Is that good? Is that horrible? Is there hope for me or should I just go retreat now?

The walkingsite.com site states, "An average fitness walking pace is close to a 15 minute mile." If that is the average then I suppose that means I have a new goal to meet. I need to almost double my pace.

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