01 August 2015

Time to refocus on simple goals

I was hoping to increase my step goal this month. It is currently at 7K steps a day and 10 stairs a day. However after looking at my overall performance for July, I think my August goal will be to get back on tract and meet my daily goals consistently.

In addition my weight hasn't gone down much at all (tho it did not increase either!). So, I think that - in conjunction with getting back on track - I will aim to eat better and record my intake better.

Exercise is another area I need to start being more consistent with as well. I work at a nursery so some days (if it is really busy) I may be behind the register practically all day. No steps or exercise. However on slower days, I may redesign a display or help the guys out in the yard or water under the roof. Lots of steps and exercise. On days I am off from the nursery I am usually working on genealogy which again could be sitting all day or a lot of walking.

So my August goals:
  • Consistently make 7K steps a day.
  • Consistently make 10 stairs.
  • Eat better and record what I eat.
  • Make time to exercise regardless of work schedule.
  • Be more active in various Fitbit challenges and goals.
  • Take part in the FCG Biggest Loser Challenge. (I'm on a standby team currently).
One other goal this month is to really learn more about essential oils and natural health. Have a great month!
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