02 September 2015


Yesterday I made my 10k step goal as well as my 10 stair goal. Barely - but I made it! Stairs are tough some days because the only stairs I generally do are the ones in my house and unless I'm off from the nursery and it's laundry day, I do not really run up and down them.

Sad news this morning. My girls started back to school on the 31st and yesterday there was already a stabbing. It happened at a nearby park not actually at the high school but all the same - still scary. A 16 year old boy, according to the local media, stabbed a 15 year old girl on a bike path in the park across the way from the high school. Since they are minors, names are not being disclosed by the media but I'm sure the girls will know by end of the school day today.

I have a pile of books that I have to read. The one I must finish this month is by Paco Underhill, titled "Why We Buy." I got the book to read through a program at work but it's a tough book since it so dated and things have changed so much. It is also more oriented to traditional retail - like grocery stores, pharmacies or a clothing store - as opposed to a nursery. Speaking of ...

Garden mums are on sale today at the nursery! A sure sign that Fall is on the way. A nine inch plant is just $5 today.

Earlier I had transplanted my two Russian Sages and the one took with no problem but the other well I thought I had killed the poor plant. I moved them to make room for my fairy garden and to place them away from the windows since one of my girls kept complaining about the bees. I have tried talking to the plant, and watering it daily. I even watered it with holy water! Yesterday, I noticed green on it finally!

On Sunday, we (hubby and I) went to the PA Renaissance Faire (girls work there) because it was the Irish/Scottish day and I wanted to hear the bands. A couple years ago we went and really enjoyed the band Circa Paleo. The band was not there this year but its drummer Joshua was there with his brother. They were part of the trio that made up Saxon Moon. They were good too but I did not like them as much as the folk like music of Circa Paleo. After Saxon Moon played, a Scottish group called Tartanic went on.

They were awesome! Two bagpipers and two drummers. I have always had (ok since college) a thing for drums and drummers and these guys were just ... wow!
At one point one of the guys asked if the bagpipes were loud enough. I didn't realize how loud I was when I said they were fine but the drums needed to be louder! Next thing I knew, I was dancing with the four guys and I was sandwiched in between two drums! The set ended with me getting a lap dance from one of them.

It felt nice to feel young again!

© Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2015

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