08 November 2015

Excited for the FUN Biggest Loser Holiday Challenge

I have kind of fallen backwards a bit. This past month, I haven't been getting all my steps in, have not made many goals and worse I actually gained back four pounds. So when I got the invite to join the "FUN Biggest Loser Holiday Challenge" through Facebook & Fitbit, I jumped at the chance to redeem myself!

I am keeping my step goal at 10k/day despite not making it too often lately. This seems to be the minimum goal of most health care practitioners is the reason I am leaving it. I want to also increase my activities for two reasons: one to loose weight faster and two (let's be honest) to eat more! Eating healthier is also an obvious goal.

Part of the FUN BL Holiday Challenge is to keep a food journal. This has the potential to be highly embarrassing. I do see the positive side of it though. The accountability - I think - will help keep those extra nibblings under control!

The challenge runs 22 November through 2 January so ... wish me luck!

© Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2015
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