21 January 2016

2016 Reading Challenge

Goodreads reader Anne put forth a challenge for this year and I love it so I thought I would pass it along as well as set it her as a reminder/checklist to myself. I did change a few items.

For example, her #8 was "a banned or challenged book." Maybe when I was in grade school, I would read a book because it was on the "no-no" list. Specifically I remember in sixth grade, the nuns told me I was not allowed to read The Diary of Anne Frank. They told my mom it was on a banned list (which of course no one but the nuns ever actually saw). I told her - and them - I was reading it anyway. Now I should say, I was also reading anything and everything regarding WWII at the time. Anyway, changing this one to "a Pennsylvania history" book.

Also, her #12 was "a book with LGBT matter or character(s)." Not my cup of tea, I'll be honest. So I know that if a book were overly LGBT or tried to push that life on me, not only would I not read the book, I would probably simply throw it away. So why bother? For that one, I will add "An Irish genealogy related book."

Her #32 was "dystopia," which just sounds depressing. Instead I will select a business book. By business book, I specifically mean a book from the library at work.

I am also going to double up on a few where possible since my goal is to read 36 books this year. So, for example, I just finished Susan Wittig Albert's Spanish Dagger. It is a book of fiction, that takes place in North America (#1) and is a murder-mystery (#44 wild card).

Tier one: 2/36
Tier two: 2/52

Read a book that takes place on each continent, or is written by an author from that continent (fiction or non-fiction)

1. North America - Spanish Dagger by Susan Wittig Albert
2. South America
3. Africa
4. Antarctica
5. Europe
6. Asia
7. Australia

8.   A book on Pennsylvania history
9.   An award winning book (Pulitzer, Hugo, Man Booker, etc.)
10. Memoir/Autobiography/Biography
11. A dead author's last book
12. An Irish genealogy related book
13. A book your favorite author loves
14. A retold fairytale
15. A Young Adult book
16. A history book (fiction or non-fiction)
17. A book where you have seen the movie, but not read the book
18. A book from the NYT Bestseller list
19. A book with the point of view of an immigrant
20. A controversial book
21. The first book you see when you walk into a library or bookstore
22. A classic
23. A debut novel
24. Published this year (2016)
25. Based entirely on the cover
26. Own but never read
27. A book by an author you never read before
28. A book recommended to you by a friendly librarian
29. A book by a Nobel Prize winner
30. Mythology (not just Greek)
31. A book written by someone born the same year as you
32. A business book - Miller's Bolt: A Modern Business Parable by Thomas Stirr
33. Reread of a favorite book
34. A book about books
35. Book published the year you graduated high school
36. A book a child/teen/someone younger than you loves
37. A book about/set by the sea
38. A book with two authors
39. Author from your own state, province, or country
40. A book about a trip (road, cruise, around the world)
41. A book with the name of a person in the title
42. Science Fiction
43. Fantasy
44. Wild card - Spanish Dagger by Susan Wittig Albert
45. Wild card
46. Wild card
47. Wild card
48. Wild card
49. Wild card
50. Wild card
51. Wild card
52. Wild card    

© Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2016
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