06 March 2016

Gardening Tip: When should you mulch?

For every thing, there is a season … a time to plant and a time to sow. Spring is just around the corner. We can almost feel it. It is almost time to plant and mulch. Almost.

Today’s Tip:
When should you mulch?

Mulch is a great method to control weeds and retain moisture. It is also very aesthetically pleasing when done correctly. When though is the right time to mulch?

The soil needs a chance to warm before you layer on the mulch. Generally speaking, mid to late spring is the preferred time to mulch. Also, do not layer the mulch too thick if you want seedlings to grow there. Extra mulching can always be applied later in the season.

So, what do you do if your flowerbed – like mine – still has last year’s mulch around them? Pull the mulch away gradually. This protects any new growth underneath from being shocked by a late cold snap.

Remember, as a general rule of thumb, Mother’s Day is the easiest way to remember when to start planting.  

A final related tip: most nurseries and garden centers will let you pre-order and schedule deliveries in advance. This is especially important to note during the busy seasons, as only so many deliveries can be scheduled each day. If you need a specific day, call ahead.

© Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2016
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