12 March 2016

It's begining to look like Spring

My Fairy Garden
It is beginning to look like Spring here and my little fairies could not be happier!

Today I removed the Christmas tree and the melting snowman from my little fairy garden out front. I removed the dead annuals and cleaned up the garden. To my delight my Silver Mound was green!

I picked up a new little house, two flowers, a cat on a stool, and a little white bench. I bought the items at Stauffers of Kissel Hill, the local home and garden shop where I work.

All the items are new items this year. The cat is called "Merriment Collection Mini Cat On Stool," it costs $8.99. The two flowers are also from the Merriment Collection. The mini potted geranium was $8.99, while the mini potted trellis is $7.99. The mini fairy garden dragonfly chair with table is $9.99.

SKH Photo
The house - that adorable house -  is actually called a mini garden fairy workshop with hinged door. The sunflowers are what drew my attention to it. I love that the door opens too, though I have to admit I am not sure how to fully utilize that feature. It measures 5.5" tall, 4" wide and 3.25" deep.

The house was a splurge for me, as it costs $24.99. Why do fairy garden accessories costs so much money?

We - Stauffers that is - have so many new and adorable fairy garden items this season. There is so many ideas I want to try with my fairy garden this year!

© Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2016
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