08 May 2016

Book Review: Widow's Tears by Susan Wittig Albert

Widow's Tears (China Bayles, #21)Widow's Tears by Susan Wittig Albert

Widow's Tears connects a historical event (the Galveston Hurricane of 1900) with her current day characters. A great read. A page turner. Not Susan Wittig Albert's normal China Bayles murder mystery novel. The main story was not set in China's herb shop, as normal. It did not involve China stumbling across a murder or a mystery herself. It was however a fresh change of scenery and of time.

The mystery of poor Rachel Blackwood, who was left a childless widow after her husband and their children died in the hurricane along with Ruby Wilcox's (China's best friend and business partner) great grandmother Colleen, was the main plot of this novel. The mystery was determining what happened to Rachel and her family and why was Rachel's spirit trapped.

There was a murder in the novel - Bonnie Roth, a bank teller shot by a modern day Bonnie and Clyde duo. However it was solved immediately and was more of a tidying up tool for Kitty and Sam Rawlings, the caretakers of the Blackwood Mansion.

China did not solve the mystery. Ruby did this time. Again that was refreshing.

As usual there are recipes in the back. They are generally of no interest to me since I do not enjoy cooking or baking. The bibliography was great, as was the list of the symbolic meanings of various plants and herbs mentioned throughout the novel.

All in all - another great novel!

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